Michael Dziedzic

I’m a hobbyist photographer located in Tyler, Texas. As you can tell by the current content on my site, I have been experimenting with colored flash photography lately…a lot!

For those interested in the technical aspects of my photography, I’m an Open-Source photographer. I use Darktable as my RAW image processor, and GIMP as my photo finishing product. All software runs on an old computer that has been brought back to life with the Xubuntu Linux Operating System.

Cameras and Lenses used are all Micro Four-Thirds. For lighting, I use a mix of Phottix (stands, brackets, softboxes) and cheap no-name stands. I’m transitioning from Yongnuo strobes to Godox units, as the Godox flashes have a bit more flexibility, and feel a little bit better built.

Should you have any questions or comments about my work, please feel free to contact me via email at lcI See An Elephant!s@lazyWait, it is just a dog.creekstudios.com

Thank You for visiting my virtual portfolio.